Montanti Difference

For those of you who may not know, my dad, founder, and president unexpectedly passed away in August of 2021.

While there are lots of companies who may market themselves as “we treat our clients like family”, it’s been my experience that most companies use this tag line as a sales method only. I am proud to say that at our practice, we say and “treat our clients like family”.

Below please find testament of such.

 Following the unexpected passing of my dad, I, Vince C. Montanti, youngest son of Millie and Vince Montanti will never forget the two days when I individually called each one of our clients and friends and shared the news of my dad’s passing.

During these calls, two things happened…

 First, I have never heard so many clients burst into tears when hearing on the news of my dad’s passing.


Second, I started to take notes and write down the most common phrases that clients were repeating when they described the legacy and footprint my dad left in their lives. Please see the most common phrases below….

  • “Your dad was a man of the highest level of integrity, ethics and discipline that I have ever seen in my life”
  • “Your dad was larger than life”
  • “Your dad was the “good kind of tough love. He motivated us to strive for excellence and perfectionism.”
  • Your dad was like our “family”
  • Your Dad was “family”
  • Your Dad was a  “big brother to me”
  • He meant “everything to us”

In closing, my dad told me years ago when I joined the practice (July of 2011), “Vince, we are never going to be the practice that works Monday through Friday 9-5.”

  He built the business and followed the model that clients can call us at their will and we would answer because that was the right thing to do.

He also used to tell me, “Vince, you never know when someone may have an emergency that requires our help and even though it may be an inconvenience to take a call on a Saturday or Sunday, for that client it matters, and we have to be there for them.  We have to be their financial quarterbacks; they are asking for help and we need to be there”.

 That is my Dad’s legacy and footprint he left with our clients and what we strive to do everyday with the “serve first” philosophy as the “Montanti” Difference.