Firm Story

Vincent J. Montanti began his professional career in Finance in 1969 after he served as a Staff Engineer for Nuclear Service and Construction Company and then as a Vice President in his dad's ship repair and construction business. Before engaging in Finance, Vince's dad wanted him to not only become an engineer so to eventually take over the family's construction operation, but also work and gain experience outside of the family business by proving himself worthy of joining. Vince says that growing up in a family with Italian heritage you do as your dad tells you to do.  So when your dad says, “I now want you to join the family business,” … you go! Vince worked alongside his father for several years and at one time they employed over 2000 men and women.


It didn't take Vince long to recognize that his dad's entire fortune was tied up in a very competitive industry with no outside assets in place for retirement.  The same held true for his dad's other executives and sub-contractors.  Vince reminded his dad that, “it's not how much money you make, but how much you keep.” Due to this, Vince saw an opportunity to help his dad and his friends by consulting with a Financial Advisory Firm, which later became CIGNA, with whom Vince joined in 1969.

Armed with a new mission and focus he then entered the Finance program at the American College with a strong emphasis in Retirement Planning and Wealth Management.  His secondary education in Finance was now embraced as his true passion and new professional business direction.

Vince went back to his dad and business associates and developed pensions and wealth management strategies for them.  His dad eventually retired, bought himself a 60' Hatteras yacht with his pension monies. Today Vince, alongside his son, Vincent C. Montanti, and their team of professionals, serve clients from corporations to high income earning individuals.