401k Plan Consulting

Plan Design and Ongoing Plan Management

At Montanti Advisory Services, we have experience and a strong sense of familiarity to assist with the Plan Design and ongoing Plan Management of the Retirement Planning areas in the 401k Plan Arena.

Our 401k Plan Services

  • Plan Performance Review
  • Benchmarking of the platform, fees and services
  • Recommend and monitor investment options
  • Plan Compliance Review
  • Customized Participant Group and One on One Educational Level Services
  • New Plan Implementation Support 
  • Fiduciary Guidance

Investment Co-Fiduciaries

Since we are proud to hold ourselves as objective, independent financial advisors and as investment co-fiduciaries, we are required to place the best interests of the clients first at all times.  Thus, for our plan sponsors who desire to have 3(21) investment co-fiduciaries, we follow the necessary procedures and monitoring mechanisms to help ensure that steps are taken to minimize the possibility of personal liability as Trustee.

Best Practices

We continue to work with some of the leading Record-Keepers and routinely speak with various ERISA attorneys to review and implement any suggested best practices to help protect our Plan Sponsors and their employees. We are also a member of the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA).

A Level of Experience

Since the Qualified Plan Retirement Advisory Arena requires a particular level of experience to service our clients successfully, we treat this Market with great importance and proactively provide tailored strategies to help meet our Trustee's concerns and needs. We also are available to our plan participants and provide them with retirement education to help facilitate a successful financial planning process.

Other Retirement Plan Options from Montanti Advisory Services, Inc.

Defined Benefit Plans:

Investment Design Review and Investment Fiduciary Services for defined benefit pension plans.

This is a type of pension plan in which an employer/sponsor promises a specified pension payment and/or lump-sum on retirement that is predetermined by a formula based on the employee's earnings history, tenure of service and age, rather than depending directly on individual investment returns.

Nonqualified Executive Benefits:

Investment Design Review and Plan Management Support Services for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plans

This type of plan option allows executives to defer a much larger portion of their compensation, and to defer taxes on the money until the amount is actually paid to the employee.