For Our Business Clients: Lessons Learned

60+ Years and Counting with Lessons Learned from Plan Sponsors

For over six decades, Montanti Advisory Services listened to plan sponsors express their frustration that their employees are not getting support and education for retirement. It is our purpose to assist employees in understanding their path to retirement success by not only participating into the Plan, but also by saving enough and investing appropriately.

We find that many Plan Sponsors are worried that a lesser quality retirement program for their employees could mean:

  1. Higher employee distraction and lack of productivity.
  2. Higher Employer Costs: Plan employees may now retire later in their life, which will directly increase employer's costs (Other benefit costs including healthcare may increase due to higher underwriting costs for older workforce).
  3. Increased Risk of Attrition: If the Retirement Program is not competitive nor an ongoing team to actively support and assist with employee's financial decisions, employees may seek other outside employment opportunities.

Answers for Plan Sponsors

At Montanti Advisory Services we have been able to create a process and measurable system with the goal of helping plan sponsors and plan participants design a more effective and achievable retirement life while working towards:

  1. Reducing plan expenses
  2. Providing enhanced Fiduciary Support for their retirement plan
  3. Monitoring employee’s financial wellness

Why This Matters

According to a Fortune Magazine study, 95% percent of all Americans alive today will reach retirement age with less money than they need to retire comfortably. 75% will retire with less than half of this amount. The genesis of this gloomy situation is simple: the great majority of these people failed to plan adequately for their financial futures.