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Design a Retirement That Excites You

 Design a Retirement That Excites You


Whether you’re eager to find a new passion or want to sip a cool drink on your day at the beach, retirement presents the opportunity to reset your rhythm. To make the most of the upcoming years, the trick is to decide what interests you want to pursue. 

To get inspired here’s a list of 25 things to do when you retire:

 1. Make a bucket list.
 2. Focus on well-being.
 3. Get financially savvy.
 4. Establish a routine.
 5. Care for a pet.
 6. Stay social.
 7. Be proactive about health.
 8. Explore the world.
 9. Take on a new hobby.
10. Think about relocating.
11. Work part time.
12. Grow your own food.
13. Study your family’s ancestry.
14. Become a tour guide.
15. Declutter your home.
16. Get in touch with nature.
17. Play brain games.
18. Redecorate your space.
19. Focus on your personal style.
20. Find a solo activity.
21. Discover local attractions.
22. Give back in your own way.
23. Find your purpose.
24. Live in the moment.
25. Keep an open mind.


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