Tax and Retirement Planning

Which would you rather do? Pay money to Uncle Sam, or keep it yourself for up to 45 more years in a place where it has growth potential?

A variety of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans offer tax advantages while accumulating cash for retirement. While different retirement plans are more applicable than others based upon a client's needs, each plan will go through a rigorous cost-benefit analysis.

Select A Retirement Plan That Best Suits Your Company’s Situation

As retirement planning professionals, Montanti Advisory Services, Inc. can help you select and implement an appropriate  qualified retirement plan. One that best suits your company's particular situation and that provides the most cost-effective benefits for your employees.

The goal is to help you and your employees accelerate the accumulation of assets for retirement, while at the same time providing distinct tax advantages.

Specialized Tax Planning Strategies 

While we are not tax preparers ourselves, we request from all of our clients a copy of their latest tax returns since specialized tax strategies are never the result of a single individual, but rather a team of specialists working towards meeting client objectives together. This team typically includes financial specialists from Montanti Advisory Services, Inc. to direct the efforts of highly qualified tax and legal experts for our business owner clients and high net worth individuals.  Montanti Advisory Services, Inc. will also work closely with your selected advisors.

Aiming  to Preserve and Maximize Assets

Without adequate planning, the future can become a financial nightmare.  In order to help you prepare for these secenarios – and because so many variables can affect your long-range financial security and success – Montanti Advisory Services, Inc. follows a practice of close and careful asset management.  Even so, merely preserving your assets is not enough.  At Montanti Advisory Services, Inc. we draw on many years of experience in aiming to help our clients to maximize the accumulation of additional assets.  We can design for you a hand-tailored asset management and wealth accumulation program that will aim to yield optimum benefits.

Tax Services are not offerd by Montanti Advisory Services, LLC, LPL Financial, or affilated advisors. 

We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax advisor. 

Investing involve risks including loss of principal.