Estate Planning Strategies


A Focus on Reducing Taxation

Our estate preservation planning process helps highly paid executives, business owners and families focus on managing taxation – today and tomorrow. We analyze every asset in terms of ownership, income and growth. We then build a profile that aims to project  estate taxation and identify tax problems before they occur. We balance the tax burden to the client’s objectives and determine whether the remaining assets are sufficient to meet the family’s needs.

Striving to Reduce the Entire Range of Estate Taxes and Costs

As part of this process, we also develop strategies that strive to reduce the entire range of estate taxes and costs. We help define the legal instruments and products for our clients. We also educate them about exempt transfers, annual exclusions, deductions from the gift tax base, and the federal unfed tax credit.

Preservation of Assets

Today, it is critical to manage risk to your assets and strive to avoid returning wealth to the state and federal governments in the form of estate taxes. Montanti Advisory Services, LLC  can design a plan that not only aims to  help  preserve your assets after death, but also aims to dramatically increase the amount of assets your children and grandchildren will receive.

Tax and legal services are not offered by Montanti Advisory Services, LLC,  LPL Financial or affialted advisors. 

Please consult your qualified tax or legal advisor regaridng your specific situaiton.